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I just got back from night numero dos at the gym. I have my own personal drill sergeant (a.k.a. boyfriend) who kicks my sorry ass into gear. I have two weeks until my trip to Florida, and I’m not going there this fat. Just ain’t happening.

You may ask, “why the sudden interest in losing weight?”, and it’s a good question. It all started two days ago:
As anyone who has a facebook knows, other friends of yours have the option to “tag” you in pictures that they post. Said pictures show up on your facebook page. Sometimes you wish they had never been linked to you at all. ESPECIALLY when you’re standing next to three people you’ve known since Kindergarten and are now double the size of each of them when you used to be half. This may or may not have been the case with me. So after seeing these pictures, and realizing that even with “the camera adds ten pounds” mentality, I couldn’t deal with the fact that I looked like that, online or in person, I quickly rallied and decided that this was my breaking point. My rock bottom. And I refuse to gain any more weight. Now, each night for the next two weeks, I will be at the gym for no less than 1 hour, and post-Florida, I will make it a 4 times a week routine. As upset as I was about the photos, I realized that I’m sort of glad to have seen them because I realized that no matter what other people said, I am uncomfortable with how I look. This was the push I needed to make a change for the better.

In other news, I have started my job. While it’s mind-numbingly dull, it pays extraordinarily well. For money, I think I can handle it. Plus it’s only for 5ish weeks, which is also pretty short and sweet. When I was having trouble getting a job, I kept thinking how I didn’t really mind, and that I didn’t really want to work this summer anyway, but now that I’m getting a paycheck I’m starting to change my tune. :-P. I am seriously glad that I am earning some me money. Not school money, not books and supplies money, but money I can spend on trivial things without feeling guilty. I guess I didn’t realize that it would make such a difference to me until I was in the situation.

So far, I think this summer is turning out quite well for me. Let’s just hope this continues!

Knocking on wood,
Raspberry Torts


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I Over-Think Things for the Rest of the World: Bags for Law School   3 comments

Recently I have been plagued with the troubles of buying supplies/accessories/apartment things for law school. So in the interest of helping out the general public, I figured I would share some of my findings and thought processes through this blog. I assume this will be a repeated segment. As such I have decided to give it a title. I think I shall call it, “I Over-Think Things for the Rest of the World”.

My first major item of concern was to get a bag/backpack for what I expect to be a crap load of law school related materials that I will inevitably be carting around. My criteria seemed simple enough, I wanted either a backpack that wasn’t too manly looking, or a tote bag that also had backpack straps. It had to be secure enough to carry everything, so structured, tough material was a must. Also I wanted a specific spot in the bag for my laptop, as my previous bag allowed too much shifting and made it more difficult to carry than I would have liked.

After 3 days of endless searching, I found two bags that fit my criteria.
1) The Cambridge by Overland Equipment

It has a great neoprene sleeve for my laptop, lots of interior pockets for pens, pencils, IDs, cellphone etc, and 3 outside pockets. Another great feature is that it has hideaway backpack straps for when it becomes too heavy to use as a tote.

2) The Hangover by Simple
This is a great bag, pretty large, and will hold a good deal of books. I love the separate laptop pouch and the fact that it has a side zipper for quick access to my laptop. The reinforced bottom is an added bonus to an already well made bag.

I got both as presents, and I’m not sure which one I will end up using the most. In my quest to find a bag, I had noticed that there seem to be few bags that are both comfortable and sturdy enough for the amount of crap we’ll be putting in them, while at the same time not being absolutely hideous. Also, in my searches I found that ebags.com and zappos.com were the most helpful in narrowing down to specific criteria and their prices were comparably lower than other stores.

Happily with new school bags,
Raspberry Torts

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A Post for You   1 comment

Yesterday brought the passing on of my grandpa. It was something that I knew was coming, but it doesn’t mean that it was easy. My grandpa and I were very close. When I was very young, my father died, and my grandfather took it upon himself to be there for me like a father would. He was the person that I made father’s day cards and crafts for in school, he was the one who was proud of my grades, and he was the one who was so incredibly happy for me to be going to law school. Being no dummy himself, he always loved education and wanted his children and grandchildren to appreciate school and learning new things. I always heard him say that it’s not the school that makes you do well, it’s what you make of the resource. I know that it is that piece of wisdom that will get me through my law school career. It’s sad to realize that he won’t be there for my graduation in three years, but I’m glad that he was around to hear about my acceptances and to know the school I chose. I know it made him happy to know that I would have a good future ahead of me. In his honor, I want to make this post about my rules for my law school experience. New school year resolutions if you will.

1) I will do the readings. Even if it kills me. This isn’t undergrad anymore, they’re serious when they say if you don’t do the readings you won’t do well.
2) I will go to my professors if I don’t understand something. No more of this being shy crap, asking questions can only make you a better student (and an annoyance, but I won’t think about that today… I’ll think about that tomorrow).
3) I will join clubs, law review, SBA, something to make friends, be a leader, and stand out. Law school is no time to be a wall flower and being quiet and a hermit gets me nowhere in life.
4) I will go to the FREAKING gym. Being fat also gets me nowhere, and not being active makes me tired and a bit of a bitch.
5) Speaking of being a bitch, I will learn to stand up for myself. I will stop caring about what someone might do to me if I say something to them and just effing say it.
And finally…
6) I will get better at public speaking. Self, you already think that crying in public is embarrassing, so we’ve gotta get over this stupid stage fright. Screw everyone else, if they’re judging you they’re pretty freaking lame to begin with. Ps. you’re hotter than them anyway.

Ready to kick-ass in my 1L,
Raspberry Torts

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Crazy Love   2 comments

When it comes to law school and relationships, I seem to be in a league of my own. When reading my friend 1 year in L‘s “How to Date a 1L” post and the writings of Law School Wife I realized that I have yet to read a blog about a law school couple. As in both people are in law school at the same time. So now I am panicking (as I am prone to do) as to why I haven’t read about one yet. At the moment I have only heard of one such couple, and while they worked out well, I get the nagging feeling that I only heard about one for a reason.

So with that in mind, I have decided to go against the rule I learned from “He’s Just Not That Into You” and firmly believe that we are the exception, not the rule. We’ve been dating for 5 years (since we were 16) and I think all that time had to have made us a stronger couple. I think that going through it together will be beneficial because we’ll know exactly what the other one is going through. Also, we have sort of balancing personalities, so I think that can only help.

The only negative I can potentially see for us is the apartment. Not being the neatest, nor the most organized people on the planet, living together just the two of us during finals is not going to be a pretty sight. I predict lots of dishes in the sink, clothes on the floor, and the apartment in a general state of disarray. In essence… we’re going to make this guy look GOOD. I’m so glad he doesn’t love me for my cleaning skills. 🙂

Soon to be smothered in love,
Raspberry Torts

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It’s a cruel, cruel summer   1 comment

APARTMENT HUNTING DONE. It took 1 day and 3 apartments to find exactly what we wanted. As soon as we saw the last apartment, the one we wanted to begin with, it was all over. So we talked it over, signed the lease, and we have an apartment come July 1st!  It’s a nice big apartment and very airy, I was impressed with it immediately. I love the area it’s in, the building is gorgeous and I can’t wait to move in.

Although I’m really excited, now I feel like it’s kinda the hurry up and wait deal all over again. While it’s nice to have it over and done with, I don’t like the idea of having to wait to start settling in. So instead, I have been using the IKEA Home Planner to start looking at how I want all my rooms set up and things like that, which has taken up a bulk of my waking hours.

In addition, it has become apparent (and by that I mean my mother has insisted) that I must get a summer job of some sort. Apparently she does not see bumming around on the internet and intermittently getting up to go eat as a productive way to spend my summer. So now I get to embark upon the fun part where I call different places of employment only for them to tell me that they can’t hire me with the limited amount of time that I will be around for the summer. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that no one wants to hire a kid who is leaving in August, going on a week-long trip before that, and will probably need to leave at least one more time in July to set up her apartment. Wish me luck! LOL

And (as if this needed saying) I’m so stoked for my summer series to start up next week. Mondays on ABC Fam is Secret Life, and on Tuesdays Pretty Little Liars based on the book series of the same name that I read. So excited! Let me know if you watch, I’ll need some people to “OMG!” with. 😀

Happily with a roof over her head,
Raspberry Torts

When you assume…   2 comments

So today was incredibly busy. First of all, it was Mommy’s birthday! YAY! 🙂 I absolutely love birthdays. I will never understand when people are indifferent about their birthday. It’s the best day of the year. Everyone has to be nice to you and you get cake and presents! Where’s the bad?! Anyway, I assumed (and you know how they say never to assume…) that the birthday celebration would be the biggest event of my day.

Instead, I had to deal with apartment hunting crap! YAY… except not. While I don’t mind apartment hunting in the hypothetical sense, I am completely overwhelmed by the process in the actual sense. I can seriously see every possible problematic scenario and I believe that I must check to make sure that I will not run into any of them. Now normal people may realize that you cannot plan for every bad outcome, nor can you know everything that might one day become an issue. Apparently my brain is not quite so rational. So, I spent all day doing research, trying desperately to figure out if the apartments that the boy had found were even worth it to go look at. In the end, I decided that they were, but now we’re told that they’ll only hold it until Saturday for us. Fun, fun!

On another non-whiny note: I’m totally excited about the idea of FURNISHING an apartment. I’ve been watching lots of HGTV for a few months in preparation, and I want to put my skills to the test. And, if the apartment I’m leaning towards works out, I’ll get my queen sized bed so that Stabby McElbowsandKnees won’t be beating me up in his sleep every night!

With fingers crossed that we’ll find an apartment this weekend,

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So I’m finally home for my pre-1L summer (or as I like to think of it, the last summer during which I’ll actually be free to do as I please)! I’m a little wary of what’s to come late August, but ever the boy girl scout I am, I’m quite positive that I will end up being over prepared.

Being that I hate the unknown, the law school application/waiting process was incredibly stressful and I was under the impression that once it was over, I would feel a sense of relief. Unfortunately, I was only correct in the sense that I was relieved of my anxiety for all of about 3 days. Then I realized that there were plenty more things in my near future that were not decided upon and the freaking out commenced yet again in full force.

I applied to 9 schools for law school, about the same amount, if not exactly, as I applied to for college. I originally applied to 8 schools, all within a short commute from my hometown. The 9th school was totally out of left field. People kept suggesting it to me and I kept blowing it off, not knowing anything about the school. I finally caved to peer pressure and looked into the school and fell in love. I applied the same day (which was also 2 weeks past the application date). When the decisions began arriving in the mail, I had a decision to make. While I loved the school, my plans were thrown for a loop.

Now it’s approximately 3 months before law school, and I’m panicked. I not only have the worry of what potential problems I’ll run into in my classes, but I’ve got the added bonus of relocating to a new area. I have been anxiously researching apartments, furniture, making countless lists, and generally annoying the crap out of the boy (A). But, in the end, I know that even with all of the added adjustments, that I’m making the right choice. Oh the things we do for [the law school we] love!

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The Way it Should Begin   3 comments

How do you begin a blog? I’ve never been quite too successful in keeping up with the ones I created in the past, but hopefully I can be responsible enough to handle this by now!

Well, if all goes right, this blog will be about my life as (currently) an 0L, and all the way through until my 3L year. Having recently ended my college career, I realized that I don’t really remember any specifics, I don’t have a lot of pictures, and I really have no way of reminiscing about those times. All I can think of that I took away from the college experience was my graduation cap, a few random t-shirts, and my disdain for vanilla flavored liquor.

Some things about myself:
1) I’m consistently working towards something, be it law school, a vacation, a concert, etc. If I don’t have an event to look forward to I feel TOTALLY lost.
2) I love animals (possibly too much). I worked at an animal shelter this past year to get my last credits for graduation. Totally changed my outlook on life.
3) I have a best friend (L) who I’ve known since I was 5 years old. She’s my sounding-board for LIFE. I am pretty sure I’d be totally lost without her. We’re both completely ridiculous human beings, but that makes life fun! 🙂
4) I’ve been dating the same guy (A) since I was 16. He’s super cute, funny, and always knows what to say or do to make me happy. We’re going to law school together in August and will be living together (yay!).

There’s so much to do before late August to get ready for school. I’m totally nervous/excited which is an incredibly stressful combination!

Panic stricken-ly yours,
Raspberry Torts

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